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About us

Piedmont Sleep at Guilford Neurologic Associates is a comprehensive, accredited sleep disorders clinic and lab staffed by 3 board certified sleep medicine neurologists (Dr. Carmen Dohmeier, Dr. Saima Athar and Dr. Richard Sater), a team of Registered Sleep Technologists, our staff and sleep lab manager. We are passionate about improving the sleep quality of our patients. We are accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and we specialize in sleep consultation, diagnostic testing, treatment, education and follow up care.

Our mission is to provide excellence and comfort for our patients throughout the entire process in order to achieve the highest quality outcomes and experience for our patients. Testing and treatment options are available for Snoring and Sleep Apnea, Narcolepsy, Restless Leg Syndrome, Periodic Limb movement disorder, Parasomnias, Circadian Rhythm disturbances, and organic Insomnia. We provide Polysomnography (PSG), PAP Titration, Split Night studies, Multiple Sleep Latency Testing (MSLT), Maintenance of Wakefulness Testing (MWT), CPAP desensitization, mask fitting sessions, Home Sleep Testing, and clinical follow up care. 

We are proud to share our results: our dedicated physicians and staff have worked with thousands of patients and have achieved over 87% compliance rate with sleep apnea therapy (compared to the national average which is < 60%).

What can You expect?

After a Comprehensive Sleep Consultation with our Board Certified Sleep Specialist, you may be scheduled for a sleep study (in office or home sleep test). The study will be scored by one of our Registered Sleep Technologists and then analyzed and interpreted by one of our sleep medicine neurologists. You will then be contacted to discuss your test results and any further recommendations and follow up evaluations.

What is an in-office or in-lab sleep test?

In office sleep testing involves coming our office, being fitted with a series of sensors and then sleeping in one of our comfortable bedroom-style sleep lab rooms. In office sleep testing can detect your breathing (both airflow and effort), oxygen levels, snoring, and heart rate. In addition, we may be able to obtain additional information on sleep quality, limb movements, abnormal behaviors during sleep, heart rhythm, or exhaled carbon dioxide levels. The study will conclude in the morning, where your sensors will be removed and then you may return to your daily routine.

What is a Home Sleep Test (HST)?

Home Sleep Testing utilizes a device that is taken home, worn for a regular sleep period and then returned to our office the following morning for interpretation. Home sleep testing is able to detect your breathing (both airflow and effort), oxygen levels, snoring, and heart rate during the time that you are wearing the HST device. For some patients, the health insurance company may require them to have a Home Sleep Test rather than the traditional in office Sleep Study.

You will be given written and picture instructions as well as a hands on demonstration. Prior to your usual night’s sleep, you will apply the sensors to your body over your pajamas. Any medications should be taken as usual unless you are instructed differently by your doctor. Try to follow your usual bedtime routine. If you are awake for extended periods of time while wearing the HST device, try to document the time on a sheet of paper and return it with the device the following day. In order for us to bill your insurance company for the test, you will need to wear the HST device for 6 hours whether you are asleep or not.

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We are here to help you in any way that we can and we hope you enjoy your experience with us!